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Ellen Giving DC Mil Family Home Makeover


Do you know a DC-area military family that could use a home makeover?  The Ellen Degeneres show is giving away a free house redo to a military family in the DC area.  The application process looks pretty simple.

One comment from me:  please consider NOT applying if you don't have some sort of need.  We could all use some help, and, heck, I have a DC area home that I would love to have remodelled.  However, I don't NEED it.  I am absolutely, positively sure that there are some DC area military families that have genuine needs:  wounded warriors, sick children, house disasters, etc.  I think this blessing should probably go to someone with a true need.  You don't have to agree with me, just consider what I'm saying.

There have been some unkind things said on the Facebook postings about this kind and generous offer.  Please don't say unkind things here.  We're supposed to be supporting each other, folks!

Please, please, please let me know if you apply and are selected.  I am going to be excited for whomever gets this awesome gift, but I would be even more excited if it was one of my readers.

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