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2014 PMCU Pay Posting Calendar


Plan ahead with the 2015 PMCU Pay Posting Calendar.

Looking for info on the upcoming payday?  See 31 December 2014 Military Pay for more information.

Pacific Marine Credit Union (PMCU) has posted their 2014 pay posting calendar.  I particularly like the format the PMCU uses for their pay posting calendar.  It very clearly shows that they pay one business day prior to the actual payday.  This helps people understand how the paydays fall and how they are benefiting from banking with PMCU.

PMCU credits members pay deposit one business day before the actual payday.  They do this as a courtesy to their members, and also to entice people to move to PMCU.  In addition to early direct deposit of military pay, PMCU offers financial education, a wide variety of free accounts, and even a 3.0% interest rate Certificate of Deposit just for military members.

Here's the 2014 PMCU pay deposit calendar:

2014 PMCU pay posting calendar

You can click on the calendar to make it easier to read.  You can also find it at the PMCU website.  First, click on the military center icon located in the middle of the right hand column.  Then, click on the 2014 Military Paydays link in the middle of the left hand column.

Thank you, PMCU, for keeping us all informed and taking care of our service members and their families.

I don't bank with PMCU, but I am impressed with their account offerings and they've been responsive when I've communicated with them.  I'd love to hear from some actual PMCU customers.  Are you happy?  Why did you choose PMCU?  What do they do well?  What do they do poorly?  Your thoughts will help others, and if I get enough responses I can do a proper review of the credit union.


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