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2014 BAH Rates Released


Whoohoo!  The 2014 Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates have been released.  Find out what rates for your area will be, and check out places where you think you might live (or might want to live.)  Please don't forget that your personal BAH allowance won't go down even if rates for your area have fallen.  BAH rate protection ensures that servicemembers don't lose money when rates go down.

BAH rates are up an average of 5% nationwide, with some areas gaining or losing more.  The largest increases are for the Hawaii area, where rates are jumping approximately 15%.  Biggest losers include Bremerton, Washington, and Beale AFB, California.   The Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, home to approximately 150,000 troops, will see an average decline of 3.1%

If you are wondering how BAH rates are calculated, read Understanding The BAH Formula.  It is complicated and a little crazy, but it is very precise and fair.

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