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Exchange Homeward Bound Promotion, including Photo Contest


Who doesn't like a good contest, especially when the prize is a huge Exchange gift certificate?  The Exchange Online website is kicking off its 2014 Homeward Bound promotion with a homecoming photo contest.

To enter, submit a photo or image of a homecoming reunion through the Exchange Online Homeward Bound webpage, including a short description of the image.  You can also submit entries through the Exchange Facebook page.  The contest runs from 1 November 2013 (that's today - how in the heck did it get to be November already?) to 31 December 2013.

Overall, it looks like they have a lot of excellent contests and promotions scheduled for next year.  If you're an Exchange customer, it would make sense to keep an eye on this information.

I think I have an old photo to submit, I just have to find it.  Start digging through your computers and old picture boxes.  If you enter, good luck.  And let me know if you win!

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