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Unemployment During Shutdown


I know that many of my readers aren't military in the active duty sense of the word.  Many of you have been affected by the government shutdown and subsequent furloughs.  As furloughed government employees, most of you should be able to file for unemployment insurance benefits through your state.  I say most because there is always an exception, and I don't want people to be mad at me if they happen to be that special case.

The Army has published this document that provides links to each state's unemployment website, as well as basic information such as the maximum weekly benefit and whether there is a waiting period.

Please keep in mind that if Congress chooses to provide retroactive pay to furloughed employees, then the unemployment insurance benefits will have to be repaid.  This is likely to be an administrative nightmare.

The Department of Labor also has a fact sheet discussing unemployment issues.

I hope that this is helpful to some of you.  I'm sure this is a stressful and challenging time, and I hope that each of you is doing well.

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