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Long Pay Period Warning: September 2013


Depending on your bank or credit union, military servicemember have either just gotten paid or will get paid tomorrow.  Whoohoo!  Now, don't go too crazy.  This is one of those three weekend pay periods, so be sure to plan ahead if you sometimes cut it close.

This regular payday is Friday, 13 September 2013.  The next regular payday is Tuesday, 1 October 2013.  Even if your bank pays one business day early, you won't get paid until Monday, 30 September 2013.  While it is only 17 days, it's still longer than many pay periods.  I get tons of emails from people who have trouble with longer pay periods.  So plan ahead!

If you are always on top of your money, and this information isn't helpful to you, awesome!  Please don't leave hateful comments, because there are plenty of people for whom this is important.

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