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From The Mailbag: A Hodgepodge


While I often write about larger issues that come up in my email, there are many smaller questions every day.  Here's a group of questions that just aren't quite big enough to make an entire post on their own.

Lost Veterans ID Card

From Mr. W,
I lost my wallet that contained my veterans identification card (term of service, etc.) I need it for discounts at neighboring retail stores. How do I get a replacement. The card contained my; name, service number, length of service,etc. How do I acquire another card?
My response to Mr. W:
Dear Mr. W, Without knowing what sort of veteran's identification card you had, I can not tell you how to replace it.  The federal government does not issue any such card.  Some states or counties will issue veterans identification cards, or will note your service on your driver's license.  Please do not purchase any cards offered by for-profit companies.  They have no value and are a waste of your money. I would suggest that you contact your county, or find a Veterans Service Officer through any veteran's organization to find out what the best options are in the place of your residence. I hope that helps, Kate

Ex-Spouse  Wondering About Ordered Payments

From Ms. H, a former military spouse,
Hi Kate! I have a question for you I was married to a service member from Dec 5,1991 to Jan 7 2010, He just retired Dec 2013 In my divorce it states that I was entitle to 50% of his retirement plan, Keogh plan, pension plan, employee stock option plan, 401(K) plan, employee savings plan, accrued unpaid bonuses, disability plan, or other benefits existing by reason of the husband past, present, or future employment. Why am I having such a hard time receiving his military retirement. Please help
I'm sure that I will offend a few people when I say that I am shocked that the breadth and width of that settlement. Ms. H must have had a really good lawyer.  I wouldn't even dream of asking for that. Here's my response (edited because I couldn't read correctly):
Dear Ms. H, Wow! That is quite an award settlement! I'm not sure what you mean by "hard time."  Because you were married at 10 years, you are eligible to have your payments sent directly to you from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. You can initiate this action with the directions found on this page: How To Apply.

I hope that helps, Kate

Lowes' Military and Veterans Discounts

From Marine Vet RW, edited a bit,
Good day Kate: The problem I am having with Lowe's stores in Maine.  I am a Vet from 1968-1972 and had Lowe's tell me I had to have a picture ID  with Veteran on it to get the discount.  I asked the State of Maine to issue me an updated License with Veteran on it which they did after I showed my discharge paper.  Lowes now is saying they do not accept the States of Maine License as proof of service, and that I must have a Veteran card that I can not get, because its only 20 year or more of service or disabled that get it. So can you help with my problem?????????
Ah, the most popular topic here at The Paycheck Chronicles.  Sigh.
Dear RW, I'm afraid your problem is that you don't qualify for the military discount.  You are eligible for their veterans discount that is available 4 major holiday weekends each year, usually Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day. Under Lowe's military discount policy, a 10% military discount is available for active duty servicemembers, persons who retired from the military after 20 years of military service, and fully disabled veterans plus their family members.  All these eligible patrons are eligible for a Department of Defense-issued military ID card.  You don't fall into any of these categories. During the veterans discount weekends, Lowes will accept a wide variety of IDs such as DD214s, veterans organizations membership cards, and veterans designations on state issued ID cards. I hope this helps you to understand Lowes military discount policy and veterans discount policy.  Based upon the information you have provided, you are eligible for the veterans discount available four weekends per year. Hope that helps, Kate
That about wraps up the excitement around here this weekend.  Hope everyone is enjoying a little relaxation on this holiday dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American works.
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