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Thank You For Five Great Years!


It is hard to believe, but today is the five-year anniversary of The Paycheck Chronicles.  Thank you all for reading!  It has been an interesting trip and I am looking forward to the future.  I appreciate you, the readers, your comments, emails, Facebook likes, and every other form of contact that we have.   On the rare occasion that I get to meet y'all, it is so amazing for me.

When I started writing this blog, I had illusions that I would be debating the best TSP funds and the best mortgages.  I do occasionally get to write about those topics, but I've discovered that most of us have more pressing issues, such as:

  • when is the next payday?
  • do Lowes and Home Depot offer veterans discounts?
  • how does BAH work when you are both in the military?
  • what states offer cash bonuses for veterans?
  • what is the commissary rewards card?
The payday question really surprised me, but it has been the overwhelming favorite.  Including all associated posts, there have been well over a half-million views of payday-related answers.  Shazaam!  And the Home Depot and Lowes veterans discounts?  Oh, there is so much to say.  But I'm glad we're having the conversation.

I've also discovered how much I don't know.  I regularly get questions that baffle me, and require some serious research.  While I can't always respond to every email, I do try, and I use the questions that I receive to help me figure out what to write so that I am helping the most people at one time.

Please continue to let me know what you like, what you hate, and what subjects interest you.  You are the reason that I write this blog, and I want to make sure that I am meeting your needs as much as possible.

Thank you!

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