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Sometimes, the right messages come just when we need to hear them.  I woke up this morning to an email from Flylady, titled Are You Suffering From Not Enough?  I skimmed it quickly because I think I've read it before, but for some reason I stopped at the quote, "If money will fix it, it's not a problem."

Now, I've heard that statement a million times, but today I felt like I needed to think about it a little more.  And then, I did an internet search on it.  I found a fascinating number of articles and blog postings on this subject.  Many were similar:  stories of ill children or other shocking situations where people are forced to realize that money can't fix everything.  However, the articles that were most interesting to me were more pro-active, with suggestions for changing your attitude towards money without having to go through a heart-breaking experience.

The overall takeaway I got  is that my reaction to money is much more important that the amount of money that I have.  Obviously, there are extreme situations.  However, if you are safe and are not starving, then your "money problems" might not have anything to do with money.  More likely, the problems are the result of your attitude towards the amount of money in your life.  And, thankfully, most of us have the ability to change our attitudes.  But it is hard!

I found two articles most thought-provoking, and I hope to refer to them often.  If you feel trapped by a lack of money, consider the ideas present in these pieces.  You may find that you are able to change your relationship with money.

From Destination:  Human, You Can't Fix Money Problems With Money

From Advanced Life Skills, 7 Ways To Look At Money Differently

Happy Reading!

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