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From The Mailbag: Spouse Payments?


Well, I don't know what in the heck is going on in the world of military spousedom, but there is some seriously bad information being spread.  First, there was this letter to Ms. Vicki, then I find the following in my email:

My daughter got married to an Airman 3rd class on March 12, 2013. She has been told that she should be getting an allotment check from the Air Force. Is this true? If so, how would she go about checking on this. She hasn't received anything.
I am just flabbergasted. Not so much at the mother, or the daughter, because we all know that the military is crazy and anything is possible. But that someone is spreading such blatantly false information is just amazing to me.

Here is my response:

I'm not sure who is telling your daughter that she should be receiving any payments from the Air Force. This is not true. An allotment is a portion of money that a servicemember can designate be sent to another person or company. It is commonly used for payments such as life insurance or for savings. In the past, an allotment was a common way for a servicemember to provide for family while they were apart. With modern technology such as online banking, electronic funds transfers, etc., allotments are no longer a common way for couples to handle their finances.

Thanks for writing,


While servicemembers certainly may set up allotments to send funds to their spouses, there are much better options available now.  Frank conversations about income, expenses, and priorities, plus the right banking accounts for their situation, will help a couple grow their marriage and their finances together.  There is no sensible reason to do things the old-fashioned way.

And sorry, there are no payments to spouses from the military.



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