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How To Enjoy Your Staycation


For the last few years, the news has been full of talk about "staycations."  The idea is simple:  instead of travelling for a vacation, stay home and do vacation-y type stuff, and save a bundle in the process.  Sounds great, does it?  Unfortunately, staycations often get lost in the everyday drama of life.  Don't let that happen to you.

Leave Work At Work

The most important thing about being on staycation is completely cutting yourself off from work.  Don't tell your co-workers that you're staying home on your vacation.  Turn off your work phone, or don't answer the phone when it is work calling.  Don't check your work email.  This is important - still being halfway at work is no way to spend a vacation.

Cut Back On Electronics

Yup, I'm sitting here next to my husband, writing on the computer, and I'm going to tell you to cut the cord on your staycation.  Seriously.  Most of us spend way too much time on computer, video games, and cell phones.  You don't have to give them up completely, but see how close you can come.

Make It Peaceful

Most of us live in busy houses with too much stuff.  If you have to, take a half a day at the beginning of your vacation to make your home somewhere that you want to be.  Wash your sheets, clear the crap out of your bedroom, and make sure that you've got yummy food available.  You can splurge a little - this is your vacation, after all.  Consider hiring a cleaning company to make sure your house is a pleasant place to be.  Even an expensive clean will still be significantly less expensive than a vacation.

Get Out Of The House

Most people don't spend their vacations locked up in a hotel room.  Get out, see things, and do things.  Be a tourist in your hometown.  Catch a minor league baseball game.  Go to museums.  Play mini-golf.  Make a point of doing things most days of your staycation.

Splurge On Food

Many people find eating out to be one of the great joys of vacationing.  Be sure to make time and money available for eating out, ordering in, or splurging on groceries that you normally wouldn't purchase.  Again, this stuff costs money, but you are trying to save, not spend no money at all.

Staying home can make a great vacation, but you have to put some effort into making sure that it doesn't end up being just another week of honey-dos and everyday stuff.  A little planning and a good attitude can result in a great vacation and great savings.

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