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Ever wondered how to use the Air Mobility Command's Space Available travel program?  You're in luck!  Not only is there an entire conference devoted to the topic, but the conference will be streamed live and on demand so you can watch from your location.

The event will be held in Jacksonville, Florida from May 18-19  - that's this weekend.  Topics being covered include:

  • Space A Travel - Europe
  • Travelling Light and Being Prepared
  • Space A Travel - CONUS
  • Space A Travel Success Stories
  • Tricks of the Trade/Signup Management
  • Space A Travel - Asia/Pacific/Hawaii
  • Space A Travel Boot Camp
This conference is an outgrowth of Dirk Pepperd's Space A travel board, which has a lot of useful information and you can get help from people who have done this before.  You will have to register to access the board's content.

We have used Space A flights from both the Pacific and the Atlantic.  It is always an adventure!  Understanding the system and learning certain tips can make your travel more successful and comfortable.  And you can't beat the price.  Be sure to tune into these seminars if you have time.


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