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Kate Is Clueless: Address Updates


You'd think that after 20 years of being married to someone in the military, I'd get to be pretty knowledgeable about things related to moving.  Yet, there is always something that surprises me.  I still can't get unpacked in less than a year, I still have to buy replacement items for things that have gone to that great PCS warehouse, and I still have a hard time updating my addresses with all the appropriate people.

Today, I was told something that I'd never considered, and now I'm confuzzled.  It's possible that the person who told me this was wrong, but I can't seem to find verification either way.  I was applying for this number that is like a social security number for a business.  I was having some confusion about where I was based, as I'm currently living overseas but only due to my husband's military service.  I asked what happens when we move and I was told, "Well, you'll update your details.  Just like you call Social Security and update your address every time you move."

Say what?

I'm pretty sure that I have never told the Social Security Administration (SSA) when I move.  I'm not sure why, but it never occurred to me that I would want to.  In a small fit of panic, I went to the SSA website and looked for information.  All I could find was directions for how to change your address if you are currently receiving Social Security benefits.  I did an internet search on "change address for Social Security," and I could not find anything that even vaguely indicates that you are supposed to keep your address updated with the SSA.

I'm really thinking that the man with whom I spoke was wrong, but now I'm all nervous.  I'm not great about address changes to begin with, (no surprise to anyone who has tried to send me a Christmas card in the last five years), but I do try to get the important stuff:  banks, insurance, etc.  I'm thinking that perhaps I should have given the IRS a heads' up that we'd moved, since our last duty station has the worst mail forwarding ever.  But the SSA?  Never even crossed my mind.

So, dear readers, here is my question for you:  do you know anything about this?  Have you ever changed your address with the Social Security Administration?  Who do you notify about your address changes?  Are there any surprising contacts that you forget to tell?

Fill me in, people!  I'm obviously not yet done learning.

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