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Military Saves Week 2013


This week, 25 February through 2 March 2013, has been designated as Military Saves Week 2013.  Military Saves Week is a time for servicemembers and their families to consider their financial goals and evaluate their progress towards their goals.  Military Saves Week has done a great job of summing up my constant efforts in their 2013 theme:  "Set A Goal, Make A Plan, Save Automatically."  If you've spent any time around The Paycheck Chronicles, you know that I encourage my readers to figure out their true desires and then plan a way to make their dreams come true.

Blog posts this week will be dedicated to this process by discussing the topics of Saving for Emergencies, Paying off High Interest Debt,  Saving Automatically, Saving for Retirement, and Saving for Retirement.  I'll be listing action steps, in case you feel stuck.

To get started, consider taking the Military Saves Pledge.  While it is symbolic and does not actually obligate you to anything, it does come with benefits:

  • free MyFICO credit score for servicemembers and their spouses,
  • monthly Military Saves e-newsletters with tips and encouragement, and
  • quarterly e-newsletters from America Saves.
If you've taken the pledge before, or vaguely remember being accosted by someone outside the Shoppette last February, you can still take it again.  The act of taking the pledge helps get your mind into the right place to take action.

Are you ready to Set A Goal, Make A Plan, and Save Automatically?  Let's do this thing!

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