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Cheap Comes To Pop Culture

Now, I'm not as into music as I once was, partly because I live overseas and partly because my head is already full of all this money stuff.  However, I am really surprised, and impressed, that a song about saving money is so popular.

The artist's name is Macklemore, and he's been burning up the charts with his song, Thrift Store.  He spent four weeks at Billboard's #1 position before falling to #2 this week.  He's been all over the media.  Not everyone likes him, but I think they are being silly.  Is it wrong for me to shop at the thrift shop just because I can afford full price items?  Of course not.  In fact, I might not be able to afford full price items if I hadn't spent years shopping at thrift stores.

The original version posted here has some explicit language, but not anything that my 5th grader hasn't heard at school.  There is a clean version, but I think the editing is poor and it just isn't as good.

Philospher that I am, I am delighted whenever I hear someone in the public eye talking about things like saving money, reusing resources, and making smart decisions.  Let's hope it becomes a trend.

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