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From The Mailbag: What's That Deduction?


Sometimes the military does the silliest things.  It doesn't seem like reading a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) should be so hard, but then they throw in some surprising stuff.  A reader asks about a certain deduction:

My husband pays a family life insurance more than his own insurance premium, and he doesn't know what it is for. Can you let us know whom shall we contact and what is that insurance cover for. Thank you.  Monica
Thankfully, this is an easy one:
Dear Monica,

Thank you for writing to The Paycheck Chronicles.

It sounds like Family Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (FSGLI).  FSGLI is automatic for married servicemembers, unless they decline the coverage.  Rates for the full $100,000 coverage range from $5 per month to $50 per month, based on the age of the spouse.

Answers to most questions about SGLI and FSGLI can be found at the Department of Veteran Affair's (VA) life insurance webpages.  Family SGLI is life insurance on the service member's spouse, SGLI is life insurance on the service member.  FSGLI insurance premium rates can be found on this chart at the VA's insurance website.  SGLI insurance premium rates can found on this chart at the VA's insurance website.  Forms to start, stop or change coverage can be found on the Forms page. SGLI and FSGLI are excellent, inexpensive, guaranteed approval life insurance programs designed to benefit active duty military families.

Hope that helps,


Glad I could answer that one easily.  Send you LES questions in, and I'll answer them! Show Full Article

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