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DFAS Offers Online Password Reset

For most of us, getting logged out of our Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) MyPay accounts is a huge pain.  Resets are time consuming and troublesome if your mailing address is wrong.  Unfortunately, moving and messed up account access seem to go together.  Double trouble!

Thankfully, DFAS has finally figured out a way to let customers reset their passwords online!  There is a catch, however:  you have to be able to get into your account in order to answer the security questions that you will need to reset your password in the future.  If you're locked out now, you're stuck with the old method of password reset.

Next time you are in MyPay, take a few minutes to click on the Security Questions for Password Resets on the main menu.  It's the second from the bottom of the list.  It won't take long and it may save you some serious grief in the future.

The MyPay system is the best way for military servicemembers, retirees, and annuitants to access their pay information.  It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and includes information such as pay statements, bank details, income tax withholding, W-2 and 1099R statements, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions, and many other functions.

Not enrolled in MyPay?  I strongly recommend it, for all the reasons listed above.  It is great to just print off a pay statement when you need one, and it is the fastest way to get your tax statements.  You can also quickly and easily update your address, bank information, tax withholding, or TSP information whenever you feel like it.  It isn't difficult, see How To Access MyPay.

This is a great improvement for all people who use the MyPay system.  Thank you, DFAS!


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