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2012 Tax Statement Release Schedule

. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) has announced the dates that your 2012 W-2 or 1099R tax statements will be available.  You can access your statements online at the MyPay website.  If you don't have MyPay online access,  take a bit of time today to set up your account so that you'll be able to get to your tax documents when they become available.

Retiree 1099Rs 12/13/2012
Annuitant 1099R 12/15/2012
Civilian employee W-2 (DoD/Non-DoD) 01/05/2013
Reserve Army, Navy & Air Force W-2 01/08/2013
Marine Corps Active & Reserve W-2 01/14/2013
Army NAF Civilian Pay W-2 01/20/2013
Savings Deposit Program 1099INT 01/22/2013
Active Duty Army, Navy & Air Force W-2 01/24/2013
Vendor Pay MISC W-2 01/31/2013
Travel PCS W-2* 01/31/2013
Don't forget that you are not technically supposed to file your income taxes until you have your W-2 or 1099R in hand. In addition, this year's tax-law shenanigans mean that many folks will be better off filing later than usual.

*PCS Travel W-2 applies to Personally Procured Moves (formerly known as DITY moves.) If you did a PPM this year, please don't file until you get your PCS Travel W-2. They come late, and they can be surprising. The first time my husband got a PCS Travel W-2, way back in the days before MyPay, I spent days trying to figure out where it came from, why I had it, and what I was to do with it.

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