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From The Mailbag: Mom Wants To Help Veteran Son

It is hard to be a parent, especially when you think that your child needs help. (This email has been edited for privacy.)

My son has just ended active duty after 7 years and being in 2 wars. I fear that he is going to lose his way as far as getting into school. He is going to be active reserve. He has severe PTSD, and permanent hearing loss from 10 mths in Afghanistan. He came back in April. Is there anyone I could get to touch base with him and help him? I try to help, but he is living with a new girlfriend that doesn't like me. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Proud mom of an Army Vet. Hooah!!!
How frustrating that must be. It is hard to help someone who doesn't want your help.
Dear Proud Mom,

Thank you for writing to The Paycheck Chronicles. Your son is lucky to have you looking out for them.

Your son has amazing benefits available to him under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. In addition to paying for tuition and books, it also provides a monthly stipend to pay housing and living expenses.

If you are concerned about his well-being, there is a new program through the VA called Coaching into Care. I wrote about it here: I hope that this program can help you figure out effective ways to help your son without pushing him away.

This must be a very frustrating and worrying time for you. My thoughts are with you.

I'm sure that some readers have additional tips or resources that this Mom can use.  Please share! Show Full Article

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