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November 2012 Commissaries Remote Sales


Each month, the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) brings commissary products and prices to locations that are geographically separated from their regular stores.  Properly called Guard and Reserve Sales because they tend to cater to National Guard and military reserve families, they are open to any eligible commissary patron.  The dates and locations for November 2012 include:

November 1 – 3 Kekaha, Hawai'i Pacific Missile Range Facility

November 2 – 3 Charlotte, North Carolina 4930 Minuteman Lane

November 2 – 3 Evansville, Indiana Indiana Army National Guard Armory 3300 East Division Street

November 2 – 3 Grenada, Mississippi Camp McCain 3162 James Biddy Road Bldg S220

November 2 – 4 Helena, Montana Fort Harrison 1956 Mt Majo Street

November 3 Terre Haute, Indiana 955 S Petercheff St

November 3 – 4 Chicopee, Massachusetts Westover ARB 650 Hangar Avenue

November 3 – 4 Colchester, Vermont Camp Johnson Bldg. 6, National Guard Road

November 3 – 4 Fort Smith, Arkansas Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center Building 7047, Gate 19 Road

November 3 – 4 Redhouse, West Virginia Eleanor Reserve Center 106 Army-Navy Road

November 8 – 10 Mobile, Alabama 1620 S Broad Street, Box B7

November 9 – 10 Fresno, California Hammer Field Armory 5575 E Airway Blvd

November 15 – 16 Alameda, California Coast Guard Island Bldg. 16, MWR

November 16 – 18 Portland, Oregon Jackson Armory 6255 NE Cornfoot Drive

November 30 Jackson, Mississippi Charles L. Sullivan ANG Base 141 Military Dr, Bldg 237

The blue link in each event will take you to the contact information for the sponsoring commissary.  Be sure to call to verify dates, times, and locations, as these events are subject to world events just like everything else.  I'd hate for you to travel to discover that a detail had changed.

Have any of you ever attended one of these remote location sales?  What was it like?  Did you purchase things?  Did they seem like a good deal to you?  As you can tell, I'm very curious!

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