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Financial Education for Nearly Free - At The Thrift Store


Yesterday, I stopped by our base thrift store in search of a Halloween costume piece.  I didn't find it, but I did pick up a stack of financial books.  I always have great luck buying finance books at the thrift store.  They seem to be one of those things that people buy and then don't use.  It sure helps me broaden my education and have books for my great PCS Book Giveaways.

I wouldn't expect to find a particular book at a thrift store, and that is somewhat the beauty of this "system."  Picking up whatever is available gives me a diversity that I'd never get at the bookstore, especially paying full or near-to-full price.  Thrift store books tend to be cheap.  Really cheap.  Yesterday's haul was free, but our last base thrift store sold books at 10 for $1.  That's a lot of information for just a dollar.

If you are looking to learn more about finances, you may find the thrift store book section to be a fabulous resource.  You can read them when you have the time, you don't have to talk to other people, and you can learn all sorts of interesting stuff.  Of course, you have to read books with a healthy sense of skepticism because not all of them include totally accurate information.

Books that I got yesterday, and which you can expect to see in upcoming PCS Book Giveaways, include:  Nice Girls Don't Get Rich by Lois P. Frankel, PhD, The Everything Weddings on a Budget Book by Barbara Cameron, Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People by Jane Bryant Quinn, and The Mortgage Kit by Thomas C. Steinmetz.

Go check out your thrift store and let me know what you find!

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