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I'm sure many of you have been using this program for ages, but I have never previously had a reason to use the Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) electronic deposits program.  I've always found it just as easy to stop by the branch than to do all that scanning stuff.  Well, now the nearest NFCU branch is literally in another country, so I am highly motivated to figure out all the available technology.  As I was preparing a mail deposit today, it occurred to me that NFCU has an online deposit application.  So, I went to the NFCU website to see what was available.

It started off so easy.  I just read the terms and conditions, clicked a few buttons, and I was signed up!  I then clicked on Help/FAQ and went through the Scan Deposits Demo.  That was a good thing because I would have endorsed the check incorrectly.  Then, I tried to make an eDeposit.  I hooked my computer up to the scanner.  I entered a name for the deposit, and the amount.  I clicked through to the scanning screen, and got an error message that the program could not locate a scanner hooked up to the computer.  Apparently your scanner must meet some compliance details, and either mine does not, or the program does not recognize that it does.

Never to be daunted by totally and completely aggrevating frustrations, I headed off to the base library to see if I could make it work there.  I logged in, selected the account to which I wanted to deposit, and selected the scanner hooked up to the machine.  I scanned the front and back, resized them according to the instructions right there on the screen, and hit deposit.  I got two emails, one saying that the deposit was received and one that it was approved.  Whoohoo!

I've still got to figure out the problem with my home printer, but it is a start and it will save me having to mail checks back to the US.  That always makes me nervous and I'm glad to have a work-around.

Do you use electronic deposit programs, from Navy Federal or from anyone else?  Have you run into any problems, or has it been smooth sailing since the start.  It is definitely a great feature for those of us who are not near a branch.

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