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Dislocation Allowance (DLA)


PCS season is here, and so are questions about the military's dislocation allowance (DLA.)  DLA is designed to partially offset the costs incurred when moving as part of a PCS, when ordered to move at the government's convenience, or as part of an evacuation.  There are two charts for DLA, primary and secondary.  Primary DLA rates range from $867.98 to $4351.37, based upon rank and dependency status.  Primary DLA is paid in most cases, but secondary DLA is available in unusual circumstances.

Service members must request DLA in order for it to be paid.  It can be requested in advance (check with your local command for their form)  or it can be requested while completing the travel claim after the move has occurred.

DLA is NOT authorized when separating from the service.

Rules regarding the payment of DLA can be found in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JTFR), Chapter 5, Part G.  In addition, more information can be found at the Defense Travel Management Office's DLA Frequently Asked Questions page.

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