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USAA's New Car Service - Seller to Buyer!


I am so pleased to hear that USAA has opened up a new way of buying and selling cars between regular old folks like you and me.  I hate buying cars, period, and I think that buying from an individual can be harder than buying from a dealer.  I hate the dealer mark-up, I love the dealer convenience.

This service is the culmination of USAA's two year long development of Auto Circle, that follows a member from finding a new car, financing, insurance, maintenance and now selling that car.  What a fabulous way to make buying, owning and selling a car much less painful.

I encourage you to check out all five parts of USAA's auto circle.  In addition to special dealer pricing on many vehicles, and guaranteed good service, they also have extra incentives from certain manufacturers.  Stop wasting time comparison shopping between multiple sources and go straight to the solution.

USAA membership is open to is available to all people who have ever served in the military, plus their kids (and grandkids, as long as the kids in between have had a membership.)  The field of membership has never been wider, and the benefits of membership have never been greater.

Thanks, USAA!

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