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NFCU Checking Account Types: Active Duty vs. Others


Lots of people ask me, "How come my friend/shipmate/neighbor got paid and I didn't.  We both have Navy Federal Credit Union."  Nearly 100% of the time, it is because NFCU offers several different types of checking accounts, and only one offers early direct deposit of active duty military pay.

NFCU offers five different kinds of personal checking accounts:  Basic (also called Everyday), Active Duty (also called military), e-Checking, Premier, and Student.  You choose what type of checking account that you would like to have when you open the account, based upon your situation and specific needs.  Only the Active Duty checking account offers early direct deposit of active duty military pay.  The Active Duty checking account offer is fairly new, only being offered since early 2011.  If you account is older, and you've never changed account types, you probably have another type of account.  While it still might be the right account for you, you should definitely check the details to see.

For most people who are on active duty, the Active Duty checking account offers the best combination of benefits.  Not only does it allow early direct deposit, it also includes rebates on ATM transactions (up to $20 per statement period), free duplicate checks (certain styles only), and no minimum balance or service charges.

Not sure what type of checking account you have?  Look at your online account statement, call, or stop by a branch.  You can easily change account types online, on the telephone or in person.

If you are active duty, be sure you have considered the benefits of an Active Duty checking account with NFCU.

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