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Computer Smart People: Please Rescue Me!


As you may have noticed, I'm currently living in Italy.  Southern Italy.  Which explains much of the stress in my life.

We can't get ADSL to our house, so we use cellular internet.  It hasn't been awful...we have a hotspot, and we get 300MB per day.  We can't do any streaming but that is OK.  We only go over occasionally, like when we Skype too much, or when a kid sneaks in a video.  (There are denials all around.)  A typical day would show us using about 10MB per hour per computer online.

Then, suddenly, we started eating megabytes like popcorn.  45MB in 2 minutes, 38MB in 3 minutes, just doing normal things like checking email, writing here at The Paycheck Chronicles, and doing some Facebook.  At first, I thought the kids were up to something.  Then I spent a week arguing with my provider, who insists that it is not on their end.  Today, I started scouring the insides of my computer to find the problem.  I've installed a bandwidth meter which shows I'm currently using about 40MB per hour.  That's a heck of a lot better than 40MB per minute, but still not acceptable.  I haven't even accomplished anything!

So, my dear smart readers, do you have any suggestions?  I've tried seeing what is using what but I'm either not looking in the right places or I don't know what I'm seeking.  I am desperate here.  All advice appreciated.

Otherwise you'll be hearing crickets here, and I'll be sad.

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