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Kate Is Clueless About Internet

I love, love, love the internet.  It makes my life easier, it saves me money, and it allows me to work from wherever we are living.  What I hate is internet that does not work, or costs me a fortune.  Here at our current home, we can't get a hard ADSL line to our home, so we have to use cellular internet as our primary way to hit the web.  It isn't prohibitively expensive, about 50 Euro per month, but it is unreliable and we have capacity issues.  No YouTube for us.

I'm curious what my readers around the world do for internet, and how much it costs.  Would you share your details with me?  I'm sure there are good ways to cut your internet bill, so if you have any tips, let us know.  When we lived in the US, I would call the internet company every few months and negotiate some sort of discount.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but I would always try.

Share, please.

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