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PMCU (and USAA) Respond

There are numerous great military-oriented banks and credit unions out there.  I wouldn't even dare try to list them all, though you are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments.  However, I need to single out two institutions that promptly and thoughtfully responded to my Dear PMCU post that was published just yesterday.

Damien from PMCU replied to my post in the comments, indicating that they had made changes to their online payday calendar.  Wow, that was fast.  The calendar now clearly reflects the actual military paydays, and the days that PMCU will release deposits.

I also heard from my friends at USAA, who directed me to their information filled USAA Direct Deposit Pay and Military Pay Frequently Asked Questions page.  It lists military paydays, USAA pay release days, and also answers a host of other questions related to pay and direct deposit.

Questions regarding pay dates and direct deposit are far and away the most popular topic here at The Paycheck Chronicles.  I appreciate the efforts of PMCU and USAA to help make sure that their members have the most complete and accurate information available at all times.  Thanks, guys!

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