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Postage Rates Increased


I must not be paying attention lately, for it seems that postage rates went up over this past weekend.  Effective 22 January 2012, new postal rates took effect.

The most commonly used prices changed include:

A regular, first class letter, weighing less than one ounce increased from $.44 to $.45.

Postcards increased from $.31 to $.32.

Large, flat rate priority mail boxes increased from $14.95 to $15.45, and the discounted FPO/APO boxes increased from $12.95 to 13.45.

I guess I should have mailed those Christmas cards, huh?  Don't forget that your Forever stamps retain a value of the cost of a regular, first class letter weighing less than one ounce.  No need to piece together multiple stamps to get the right postage!

While none of these price changes are huge, they will add up if you are sending lots of mail.  You might want to add a few extra dollars to your postal budget.

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