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Don't Forget The Other Tax Statements


There are a few special situations where military folks need to get separate tax documentation from the MyPay website.  Many people don't know that these special documents exist.  I was shocked the first time we got a separate W-2 for a partial DITY move.  Without these documents, you can't complete an accurate tax return.

If you did a Personally Procured Move (PPM), formerly known as a Do It Yourself (DITY) move last year, be sure to pull up your special W-2 for the money that you received for that move.  The travel/miscellaneous W-2s are not scheduled to be released until 31 January.

Also, if you invested money in the Savings Deposit Program while deployed, you'll have a 1099-INT  interest statement available on MyPay so that you can document the interest that you earned.  These statements are available now.

Not sure how to get your tax information from MyPay?  If you already have a MyPay account, log on to your account and look on the main screen.  There are selections for Travel/Miscellaneous W-2, Tax Statement W-2, and also for SDP Tax Statement 1099-INT.  By clicking on each one, you will be taken to the form which you can then print.

If you don't have a MyPay account, you can easily sign up for one.  You will then have instant access to view and modify your pay and tax information, whenever you have an internet connection.  This is a great tool and I encourage everyone to use it.

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