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December Retiree Account Statements


I've been getting lots of questions about missing December Retiree Account Statements.  I've talked to my friends at DFAS and here is the answer that they gave me:

Because of the Dec. 30 payment, the annual Retiree Account Statements (RAS) that retirees normally receive in December are arriving a few weeks later this year and every year going forward. This year's annual RAS will reflect all payments issued through Dec. 30 as well as the forecasted Feb. 1, 2012 payment and any adjustments to their Federal Income Tax Withholding amounts based on the IRS tax tables.

Additionally, because there was a cost of living adjustment, most retirees will receive a second RAS dated Dec. 2 that shows their new pay amount effective Dec. 30. The year-to-date totals on this RAS will only include pay received through Dec. 1, 2011.

Retirees who use myPay can view, print and save their Retiree Account Statements and 1099Rs now.

Retirees who don't have myPay accounts or have requested a print version can expect both statements issued in December to arrive in the same envelope with their 2011 1099R by the end of January. The envelope will contain the tax statement, a newsletter and the two Retiree Account Statements.

So, there we have it. The paper Retiree Account Statements that used to come in December will now come in January, in the same envelope as your 1099Rs.  You should be seeing them in your mailboxes soon, and definitely before the end of January.

I hope that helps!

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