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13 January 2012 Military Pay Day


The next military pay day is coming on Friday, 13 January 2012.  Most direct deposit recipients should see their deposit post sometime on Friday, 13 January.  Some banks and credit unions offer early direct deposit as a courtesy to their customers.  For people who typically see their deposit one business day early, including USAA and Pacific Military Credit Union, your deposit will be credited on Thursday, 12, January 2012.

Navy Federal posts deposits on two different days, depending on what kind of account you have.  If you have an Active Duty checking account, one of the benefits is early direct deposit of military pay.  Active Duty checking customers will see their deposit pending on Wednesday, 11 January, to be posted overnight and available on Thursday, 12 January.  Customers with any other type of checking account will see their deposits pending on Thursday, 12 January, to be posted overnight and available on Friday, 13 January.

Don't forget, the upcoming pay period is LONG.  Really, really long.  The next military payday is Wednesday, 1 February 2012.  That is 19 days away.  If your budget is tight, you will need to make some adjustments to ensure that you have adequate funds for essentials.

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