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Retiree Account Statements - A Great Tool for Your Retirement Pay Questions


I have been getting tons of emails from retired military folks who have questions about their pay amount or need to access their account statement.  While I am not able to give this information to you, I know where you need to go:  to the Defense Finance and Accounting System (DFAS) MyPay system.  Via the online MyPay system, retirees can have 24 hour access to their monthly Retiree Account Statements (RAS).

On the RAS, retirees may see information about their monthly pay, deductions and benefits.  It also includes information about tax withholding, allotments, garnishments, direct deposit information, and information about Survivor Benefit Plan enrollment.  The RAS is updated each month so that you can see why you received a certain retirement payment amount.

Retirees who already have a MyPay account may log-in to access their RAS.  If you do not yet have a MyPay account, sign up!  MyPay access gives you unlimited access to view and change your pay and benefits information without having to wait for the Customer Care Center to open.

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