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"Tell Kate" Troubles


I love, love, love getting emails from readers, and I get a lot of it.   It lets me know what is going on in the lives of my readers, and it lets me know what sort of topics would be helpful to you.

It also overwhelms me.  I am trying hard to keep you with all the mail, but I am just not getting to each and every reply.  Please don't think that I am ignoring you if I don't reply.  Sometimes, the questions are really hard and require a lot of research.  Sometimes, I just get too much mail in a short amount of time.  And, sometimes, the email address is wrong and my reply gets kicked back as undeliverable.

Please, continue writing, and I will continue replying just as fast as my little fingers can type.  And please make sure you leave a good address - I hate to think that you think I'm not replying!

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