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2011 W-2 Release Schedule Announced


Looking for the 2012 W-2 and 1099R dates?  Find it here:  2012 Tax Statement Release Schedule

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) has released the schedule of dates on which various W-2s will be available for the 2011 tax year.  W-2s are available online or by regular mail, but online access is available earlier than they will come via mail.  You can access your W-2 via your MyPay account on or after the stated date.  Don't have a MyPay account?  Sign up for online access with these easy steps.

UPDATE:  Individual dates may have changed since this release was published.  DFAS is still publishing this as the official release dates, but some individuals may find that their W-2 or 1099 is available earlier than the official date.

Retiree 1099R:  MyPay 15 December 2011, mail date 19 December 2011 to 10 January 2012

Reserve Air Force, Army and Navy:  MyPay 6 January 2012, mail date 6-9 January 2012

Active Duty and Reserve Marine Corps:  MyPay 16 January 2012, mail date 19-21 January 2012

Active Duty Air Force, Army and Navy:  MyPay 24 January 2012, mail date 24-29 January 2012

Travel PCS:  MyPay 31 January 2012, mail date 20-25 January 2012

 If you PCSed last year, be sure to note that W-2s for taxable income from PCSing will not be available until 31 January 2012.  This usually only applies if you did a Personally Procured Move (PPM), formerly known as a DITY move.

Also, remember that technically, you should not file your taxes until you have your actual W-2.  Many people want to file with their last Leave and Earnings Statement.  I don't recommend this because there are often corrections made to final numbers at the end of the year, and because the law says that you should not file until you have a W-2.  I know that it works for many people without incident, but filing a few days early doesn't seem worth the potential hassle to me.  My life is complicated enough without asking the IRS to start digging around in my stuff.

Don't see your date listed here?  Check out the complete list at the DFAS website.

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