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A Year of Posts in a Few Short Weeks


You might have noticed that things have been remarkably quiet here at The Paycheck Chronicles.  I apologize, but I think I've had enough experiences that will make for some interesting reading in the next few weeks.

First, my computer literally fell apart and had to be sent back to the warranty company.  Then, we embarked on a epic journey including Space Available travel through the military's Air Mobility Command.  We stayed in some base billeting, rented a car, and began traveling.  I bought a semi-disposable US phone that allegedly had internet capabilities, but not exactly what I needed to do work here at The Paycheck Chronicles.  My daughter got some medical care at the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which was very interesting and educational.  After a few days back in country, people starting coming down with some virus and I had the chance to navigate how Tricare works when you are outside of your own region.

I have an entire notebook full of article ideas from this trip, and now I've received my beloved computer back, and I have internet here at my in-laws, and I'm back in business.  Enough research, time to start writing.  I've missed you all!

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