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3 September 2011 Weekly Roundup

Too much internet, too little time...this is the story of my life.  Here are some gems that I've found this week:

It is back-to-school time, and college kids are learning to navigate their finances without Mom and Dad to help.  We The Savers, the blog of ING Direct bank, has put together a reasonable list of suggestions in Head Back to School Without Losing Your Financial Cool.

My friend, J. Money, always has hilarious and super-helpful stuff at his blog, Budgets are Sexy.  This week, he featured a fabulous piece written by Barbara "Babs" Wagner called What Old People Know.  Guess what...she's right!

Are the low interest rates making you think about buying a house?   Be sure to consider your loan options carefully.  Military members are eligible to use VA guaranteed loans, but often don't know why a VA loan might be a good choice.  In their VA Home Loan Guide, iFreedom Direct has a helpful article called Why A VA Loan.  It explains some of the benefits of using the VA loan program for your home financing.

If you see something fabulous in your internet wanderings, please send it to me.  I'd love to include some reader favorites.

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