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More and Updated Info on NFCU's Early Direct Deposit


Over the last few paydays, I've noticed that the Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) "early" direct deposits of active duty pay into Active Duty Checking Accounts has been getting less and less early.  It seems there is an actual method to this madness, and now NFCU states that they are releasing the pay funds of Active Duty Checking customers one business day early.

They've posted a handy-dandy calendar to help you know when to expect your payment.  The first two columns show the posted and available dates for members who have an Active Duty checking account, and the third and fourth columns show the posted and available dates for other types of checking accounts.

active duty checking

Not sure what sort of account you have?  You can call, stop in a branch, or check online to see what your account is called.  It must be called "Active Duty Checking" in order to be eligible for the early deposits.

This should help a lot of NFCU members who have struggled to know when to expect their pay deposits.  As always, don't forget when the actual payday is...NFCU is under no obligation to deposit funds early and if there is a hold up, you need to be sure that you have budgeted through until the next real payday comes!


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