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30 July 2011 Weekend Roundup


Military finances are making a lot of news, for a lot of different reasons.  Some of the most interesting articles around the internet this week:

At SpouseBUZZ, Sarah talks about how the falling BAH rates in her area will affect military homeowners who intend to rent their houses after they PCS away.  While it isn't a complicated concept, it is something that I hadn't considered before and it is significant for many folks who choose not to, or can't, sell their houses.

I very luckily stumbled upon a great blog, Military Retirement and Financial Independence.  The author is a former Navy submariner and is enjoying his retirement without embarking on a second career.  He's written a book suggesting ways that military folks can follow in his early retirement footsteps, and the blog is the complement to the book.  He talks about more sophisticated financial strategies than we talk about here at The Paycheck Chronicles.

SmartyPig has put together a short bit that suggests low-pain ways to tighten your spending.  Not the most comprehensive article, but a good reminder that the little things really do add up.

Over at Smart on Money, Mr. Money writes about What Are Some Reasons That You Overspend? Addressing The Root Causes Of Our Debt.  I agree that it important that you understand your motivations if you hope to have any control over your spending.  (This works for other people in your economic unit, too.)  Great list and lots of good stuff to think about.

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