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Military Spouse Employment Partnership

Military spouses are often looking for work.  With PCS moves, and deployments, and other career interruptions, military spouses change jobs more often than their civilian counterparts.  The Department of Defense recently announced that it was expanding a previously Army-only program to help military spouses find employment.  The Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) is a job posting board that allows qualified employers to list jobs that are supposed to appeal to military spouses.  So far, nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies have joined the partnership, as well as numerous smaller employers.

Here's where the questions start.  What exactly is a "qualified" employer, and what sort of jobs are targeted to military spouses.  I've heard lots of people complain that it will be nothing but cashier jobs, but my searches don't show that to be the case.  When I put in my last US based zip code, I see tons of jobs that are way above my qualifications:  programmers, engineers, and language specialists.  I don't know if it is just because of where I lived, but there's very little there that I'd be able to do.  They certainly aren't all entry level jobs, as the criticism has stated.  There seems to be a relatively good variety of jobs listed.

If you are job hunting, it is always nice to add a new tool to your toolbox.  The Military Spouse Employment Partnership job board might be just the ticket to finding the right job for you.  The job board is hosted by MilitaryOneSource, who can also be contacted by telephone at 1-800-342-9647.

Please let me know if anyone finds a job using this resource - it is always great to hear success stories!

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