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25 June 2011 Weekend Roundup


As always, there is so much good stuff on the internet, it is hard to sift through and read the most relevant pieces.  Here are some of my favorites this week:

From USAA's Featured Blogger of the Month, Ryan at The Military Wallet writes a great piece full of Tips for Taking Classes While In The Military.  I am very impressed with people who juggle the military and school and I'm sure Ryan's tips will encourage those of you who are wondering if you can balance both jobs.  (This is actually from September 2010, but USAA recently featured it and I liked it!)

At the Education Advantage blog, Terry Howell writes about how to Avoid Wasting GI Bill Benefits - Shop Wisely.  This is a very important topic and one that I don't know much about, except to know that it is important.  There are many educational institutions that are happy to take your GI Bill money without providing a quality education.  Shopping wisely ensures that you are using up your current benefits in a way that will provide even greater benefits in the future.

Visit a large military base, and you are sure to see Rent-to-Own centers outside the gates.  Military members are great customers for rent-to-own companies, because they have regular (and easy to garnish) wages, frequent moves means the need for more stuff, and they are often young and starting out without household furnishings.  Unfortunately, renting-to-own is pretty much the most expensive way to purchase an item.  Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has written a great piece on The True Cost of Rent to Own.

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