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Don't Supersize Me


Over the years, I've changed the way I shop for groceries.  I've gone through coupon phases, where I get great deals but invest a lot of effort.  I've tried to remain faithful to menu planning and using a grocery list.  For a long time, I was buying everything in the most economical sizes available, whether it be the smallest, the largest, or something in between.

I've made an interesting discovery about sizes.  Obviously, it is no good to buy the less expensive (per ounce/unit/whatever) size if you end up throwing out half of it because it has gone bad.  My refrigerator is no place for science experiments!   In my family, there are a number of things that go to waste if we buy the larger size:  applesauce, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, salsa (go figure!), veggies that get lost in the back of the fridge.  There are also items that are wasteful for a different reason, because we don't need a large quantity but we'll consume them if they are available:  chips are a perfect example.  I try not to buy many chips, but an occasional bag makes its way into the grocery cart.  We'll always eat them, no problem, but does my body really need for us to eat a supersize bag of chips?

What items have you found that work better for you in smaller packages?  Sometimes a few extra cents per ounce is a good investment.

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