USAA Is Branching Out


Spend enough time around military folks, and one topic is sure to come up:  USAA.  The financial and insurance company that specializes in serving the the military and its family has many fans around the globe.  USAA is a great company, and it is always trying to figure out how to become even better for its members.  From their Deposit@Mobile app to their amazing AutoCircle program, USAA is frequently on the cutting edge of blending technology and customer service.

While I'm raving about USAA, I often hear the same complaint:  "But they don't have a branch!"  USAA has heard this complaint and has begun opening financial centers in areas with a high concentration of members.  The first financial center opened in San Antonio, Texas in September  2009 and was such a huge success that USAA is opening its eleventh financial center this summer, near Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  In the meantime, financial centers have been opened near Arlington (VA), Colorado Springs, Annapolis, and West Point, another in San Antonio, and includes two locations in the San Diego area, and two Killeen locations.  They've also figured an innovative workaround to the Pentagon problem:  The Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) branch there offers a direct video link to USAA representatives.

An USAA financial center is not exactly a bank branch, but it does offer many of the services that USAA customers are hoping to find.  Members can use the ATM, open new accounts, purchase or update insurance, apply for loans, and perform most other transactions.  Some items will be handled personally and some will be via live video chat with a representative from headquarters.  Members can also make appointments for more specialized assistance, such as a consultation with a wealth management advisor.

You can see if there is an USAA financial center near you by using the USAA locator service.


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