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2012 Proposed Military Pay


Just in case you haven't seen it elsewhere, President Obama's proposed 2012 Federal Budget includes a 1.6% basic pay increase for military members.  These, of course, are not the final numbers that will actually happen, it is just the President's proposed budget.  There are many steps that need to happen before this becomes law (keep in mind that we've just recently gotten a 2011 budget passed.)

There has been much talk about a possible military pay freeze.  I know that most military members are against it, and some say it is isn't even possible, but it could very well happen.  If not this year, maybe next year.  While I would also prefer that the military continue to get even small raises, I think that everyone needs to get their mind around the fact that the pay levels may remain level at some point.

I didn't publish a link to this information before because, honestly, I don't think it is particularly relevant to the day-to-day financial lives of military families.  Interestin, maybe, but not relevant.  None of us need to be "spending ahead" with money that we don't have, and certainly not making any financial decisions based on a pay raise that may or may not happen.  Read it, maybe think about it, and move on, folks.  There's nothing to see here!

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