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DFAS Doubles Back


Inexplicably, DFAS has pulled or "taken down" all LES and mid-month net advice of pay that were available for viewing today.  From the website:

Due to the potential shutdown of the federal government, we have "taken down" all Leave and Earnings Statements (LESes) or "Advice of Pays" for Active Duty Military and Reservists. We will re-post LESes when we receive more information on the shutdown or enacted legislation that authorizes pay beyond April 8. As long as this authority becomes available, we anticipate paying both active and reserve members their full pay for duty served from April 1-15.
I have all sorts of thoughts on this, but it is nearly midnight here and I've been working all this stuff for about 18 hours today.  I'm tired.  I'm going to bed and getting up at midnight Eastern to see what happens.  Still crossing my fingers...

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