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NMCRS Publishes Aid Guidelines in Case of Delays in Military Pay


The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) has announced the guidelines that it will use in the event that a federal funding gap results in delayed pay for military members.

According to the announcement, NMCRS will operate under their general disaster relief policies.  All offices will be open regular business hours.  The Quick Assist Loan program will be suspended so that Society employees and volunteers are able to assist as many clients as possible.

NMCRS will be offering interest-free loans to all eligible clients without requiring a budget be prepared.  Single sailors and Marines will be able to receive a $300 loan, and families will be able to receive a $600 loan.

For more information, see the NMCRS Facebook announcement.  It locate your nearest NMCRS location, check the site locator at the NMCRS website.

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