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MyPay Limited Access Passwords

Well, I learn something new every day.  The new thing I've learned today makes me very happy, and I suspect that it isn't new to most of you, but just to us old fogies.  I've learned that military members have the ability to set up limited access, view only accounts so that their spouses and agents can view their MyPay accounts without having to have full access to make changes to the account.  This is great news!  Back in the stone ages, military members had to either share complete account access with their spouse (or whomever was taking care of their bills), or the spouse couldn't view or print the LES if necessary.

In order to set up a limited access password (formerly known as a restricted access PIN), the military member logs into his or her MyPay account.  On the main menu, the bottom selection is named Personal Settings Page.  When you click on that selection, it takes you to the Personal Settings Menu.  The fourth option is named Limited Access Account (Create/Change/Delete).  When you click on that link, it gives you instructions for setting up a limited access login ID and PIN.

This is a very good tool for sharing your pay information with the person who is paying the bills without giving them the access to set up allotments, change withholding, and change TSP information.

There is a tad bit more information available at the MyPay FAQ page.

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