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Ten Reasons Why You Might Want a Second Income


I came across an interesting discussion on an internet forum today, and it got me thinking about all the reasons why someone might want to get a second job, or a  family might want to get a second (or third)  job.  With all the demands of military life, I'm always amazed at how military families can squeeze in another job.  That is some serious dedication, but the rewards can be huge.

Ten reasons that a military family might want to add an additional income:

  1. To save for retirement
  2. To pay off debt
  3. To learn a new job skill
  4. To meet people
  5. To save for a special purchase
  6. To do something fun (if it is fun)
  7. To get a discount
  8. To set yourself up for a post military career
  9. To save for a house
  10. To stay out of trouble
Obviously, every individual or family needs to balance their personal time with their work time.  There are times in your life when it is right to get a second job, and there are times in life where a second job would be awful for you or your family.

I have a dear friend whose husband took a second job delivering newspapers.  He didn't get much sleep, but they saved a lot of money and they both felt great about the sacrifices that they were making.  I often wondered if it was worth it for them but they both agreed that it was definitely the right choice for them at that particular time.

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