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February Remote Site Commissary Sales


Miss living near a commissary?  Keep your eyes out for the Defense Commissary Agencies remote site sales, also called Guard and Reserve sales.  They are open to all eligible commissary patrons, not just National Guard and reserve members.  The link in each line takes you to the information for the sponsoring commissary.  You can contact them for more information regarding exact location and hours of operation.  With February weather conditions, I recommend you always call before you go.

Dates for February:

February 4-5, Lincoln, Nebraska, Nebraska National Guard

February 6, Coleville, California, Air National Guard

February 10, Alameda, California, Coast Guard Island Building 16

February 11-13, Kekaha, Hawaii, PMRF Building 384 Air Ops

February 12-13, Grand Rapids, Michigan, US Marine Corps Reserve 1863 Monroe Avenue

February 17-20, Chattanooga, Tennessee, National Guard Armory

February 25-26, Moses Lake, Washington, Wenatchee National Guard

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