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2011 BAS Rates, Official

Looking for the 2017 Basic Allowance for Subsistence rates?  You can find them here!

I've got proof!  The 2011 Basic Allowance for Subsistence Rates are:
  • Enlisted Personnel, $325.04
  • Officers, $223.84
To see it on a piece of paper with letterhead, see the Official Memorandum.  Thank you to a commenter on my previous post who directed me to this link.

I certainly feel like food costs have gone up, but it seems that the numbers don't agree with my assessment.  I'm going to do a separate piece on the history of BAS and how it is calculated, and I'll link here when it is done.

Update 22 December 2010:  finished!  See Understand How Basic Allowance for Subsistence Works for more information.

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